"PRIM" Ltd. endeavours to be a recognized organization in the activities it performs: production and works (disassembly, assembly, repair and maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment) for the electric power industry.

Tradition, quality and reliability are the best describing words for the Company for production, repair and assembly of machinery and equipment "PRIM". "PRIM", as it as today, was created as a workshop for maintenance in 1946 by the decision of the management of the Mine and Power Plant "Kostolac" of that time, as an organizational part providing maintenance services for the equipment of Kostolac mines and thermal power plants, later mines.

Until May 1, 2005, "PRIM" operated as a part of the electric power industry, when it restructured and became a separate company but it still was a company whose main focus is on the production, repair and assembly of equipment for mining systems on surface coal pits and mechanical circuits in thermal power plants.

"PRIM" began the production of rollers in 1972, and throughout all these years it has been working on the improvement of the rollers in order to become the leader in the production of rollers in the domestic market, and the goal is to expand to foreign markets.

"PRIM's" business policy is based on quality, deadlines and the acquisition of new programs from the mechanical and metal profession.

"PRIM" Ltd., Kostolac, produces a certain range of products, primarily for the needs of surface mine pits and Thermal Power Plant Kostolac. Among other things, "PRIM" Ltd. products are carrying return rollers for thermal and mining equipment, drive drums, steel constructions of small and medium stoking.

Repair, reparation and maintenance of mining equipment on coal pits and maintenance of equipment in thermal power plants.

Company "PRIM" Ltd. Kostolac is engaged in the production of:

  • rollers (bearing metal roller, rubber-coated roller, shock absorber roller, side roller, return roller, spiral roller with rubber spiral, spiral return roller with metal spiral)
  • steel structures
  • parts for mining machinery
  • rubber products

Company "PRIM" Ltd. Kostolac provides the following services:

  • repair of mining equipment
  • reparation of mining equipment
  • repair of electrical machines and equipment
  • locksmith - welding works
  • assembly
  • repair of thermal power equipment

Our production program consists of:

Steel constructions

Parts for mining machinery

Rubber products