Quality policy

PRIM endeavors to be a reliable partner to all business entities in the country and abroad and a recognizable organization in its main following activities:

  • production and works (disassembly, assembly, repair and maintenance of machinery and electrical equipment) for the electric power industry and other industries.

PRIM will accomplish this by:

  • development of new and constant improvements of existing services and products in order to completely meet the demands and needs of our customers and business partners
  • establishing a value system that meets the needs and expectations of employees
  • consistent application of the PRIM motivation system
  • fostering of teamwork and open culture
  • continuous increase of the efficiency and effectiveness of all key processes in its business system, respecting the living and working environment
  • continuous improvement of procedures, methods and techniques, as well as modernization of working assets in all business segments of PRIM
  • continuous and planned improvement of all employees through the development of a permanent education / training system
  • monitoring the functioning of the quality management system and taking preventive and corrective measures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business system and increase the quality of services and products
  • developing a modern information system that enables decision-making, at all levels, based on validated and up-to-date information