Terms of sale of rollers

General terms of sale:

Your order should contain the following:

  • name of the roller
  • mark
  • measures of axle ends for which it is envisaged to be defined by the customer
  • quantity
  • other special requirements: surface protection, packaging method, etc.


  • Rollers are delivered on wooden EURO pallets.
  • The other type of packing is delivered in agreement with the manufacturer and this is separately stated in the order.
  • Each pallet is marked with a declaration containing the following information: type of roller, mark, quantity, number of order.

The guarantee on our rollers is 24 months from the date of installation but no longer than 30 months after delivery.

Ordering codes

Z Roller type (Table 1)
111 Diameter of the roller shell [mm]
2222 Length of the roller shell [mm]
BBBB Bearing type according to ISO
X Type of axle ends (Table 2)
YY.3333 Surface protection code according to RAL color coding system
444 Diameter of the rubber coating/ring [mm] (option only for G, A and P rollers)
55 Number of rubber rings
(option only for A and P rollers)

Carrying metal roller, a roller shell diameter of 89 mm, a roller shell length of 600 mm, a bearing type 6206, with a double flat axle end and a yellow polyester shield RAL 1003 would have the following order code: